Free health services provided to residents

Hundreds of families were provided with free health care services Saturday morning during the inaugural Ascension Medical Mission at Home event at Hutto High School.

For some families, such as Lang Vo's, money can be tight.

"With six kids we work full time, we have kids full time, everything costs money. Our youngest daughter is hearing impaired so we have her hearing aids to get and (Damien's) Glasses. You know? Groceries, rent, car payment, everything adds up," Vo said.

Vo spent his Saturday trying to get his 11-year-old son Damien new glasses so he can perform basic tasks. Vo and hundreds of other families took advantage of a day of free health care services.

"We are providing primary care services for patients that come through who may not have other avenues to get their primary care," Dr. Glenn Harper, of Seton Brain and Spine Institute, said.

Which means Damien can finally be fitted for that new pair of glasses and many more can have everything checked from their blood pressure to their blood sugar and have it done free of charge.

"I've just seen lots of faces of gratitude and people that are happy to get incredible services where they can get all kinds of services in one day." Dr. Harper said, "We're proud to have any one person that comes through and their life is changed by this we feel that this whole effort is worth it and it's a win."

A win in  more places that just the wallet.

"It makes you feel great, it makes you feel like we're actually doing well as parents, as best as we can," Vo said.

Seton and its partners are planning to hold another free health care day locally however officials said there has been no date scheduled at this time.