Friends, family focus on finding missing loved ones along Blanco River

*Update* Officials confirm an adult male's body was found on Blanco River bank in San Marcos.

His name has not been released.

This is an update to this story. The previous version is as follows:

Before starting they opened with a prayer asking for mercy and strength. Eight people are missing and four people are dead. Authorities are working to confirm the identity of a young boy found Wednesday.

"On behalf of the Carey, Charba, McComb, and Shultz families we want to extend our gratitude for the outpouring of support we have received," said Kellye Burke, a spokesperson for the families.

Nine people were staying in a house along the Blanco River. The water swept the house off its foundation. All that still stands are a few concrete pillars.

Seven of the nine are still classified as missing. Officials found Michelle Carey Charba's body but her husband and son are still missing. Jonathan McComb is recovering in a San Antonio hospital. He was found more than 10 miles away from the house.

"He's expected to make a recovery physically but emotionally it's going to be a long road," said Burke.

"The strength of the family is what we do our job for. We know the pain they are going through and we feel the pain as first responders," said Kharley Smith, the emergency management coordinator for Hays County.

"This effort is not over. We are 100 percent committed to finding Laura, Andrew, Leighton, Randy, Will, Ralph and Sue," said Burke.

The forecast could impact search efforts. "We're not expecting another surge of the river but it will shift debris piles and affect areas that have already been searched," said Smith.

Texas Task Force 1 teams continue to canvass miles and miles of the Blanco River. They are working with multiple agencies to narrow the search area down. Volunteers are also playing a big role in the search. More than 200 people are showing up at the First Baptist Church in Wimberley to go out looking for any signs of those missing.

"Everyone's goal is to bring them back and do whatever we can to focus on the task at hand," said volunteer and friend Stephanie Duncan.

One day and one prayer at a time they all remain committed and determined to bring those missing back home.

"We know our loved ones who have passed are in a better place but we must focus on finding those who are missing," said Burke.

Family members are asking people not to burn big debris piles until they have found their loved ones.