From Hyperloop to bus, options discussed to connect major Texas cities along I-35

Everything is bigger in Texas, including, of course, the distance between our major cities, but those day-long trips to various Texas cities could be cut down to just a fraction of the time.

The Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) was presented a study on high-speed transportation connection some of the state's biggest cities.
The cities being mentioned are ones along I-35, such as Austin, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Waco, Temple, and Laredo.

The point of Monday’s meeting at the University of Texas at Austin was to show what options are possible for the state and potentially where it could go.

“The six technology options in our study include Hyperloop, maglev, high-speed rail, guarantee transit, commuter rail, and higher speed rail,” said Steven Duong the AECOM associate vice president. AECOM was paid by the North Central Texas council of governments to do the survey.
At the meeting they also talked about where the project could potentially go and what cities it could make stops at. Right now they are looking towards the east side of Austin. “To see something a project of this magnitude you will need to see buy in and collaboration from all the communities along the corridor,” said Duong.
While construction on any of the proposed options is many years away. Those at the meeting says this survey is too good to keep the conversation going.
They are holding these meetings in various metro areas along I-35 to try and get them all on board and up to date.
 If one these metro areas doesn't want to be a part of it or has issues it could delay the project or change it completely.