Funeral services held for Waxahachie 6-year-old

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A 6-year-old boy was laid to rest Saturday, one week after he was found dead with his mother in a Waxahachie parking garage.

Philip "Ollie" Wiedemann was the center of a frantic search after he never showed up for school. His father - who had custody of the boy - then called police.

The boy was found with his mother inside her car shortly after an Amber Alert went out. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

Funeral services were held Saturday as loved ones celebrated Ollie's memory.

“He was a wonderful boy,” family friend David Richter said.

Friends and family filed into the Waxahachie Bible Church to say their final goodbyes to Ollie Wiedemann.

Those who knew him described Ollie as a little boy with endless energy, who loved Legos and Spider-Man.

“Ollie was a very lively 6-year old,” Richter said. “He loved his bicycle, running, his dune buggy. Loved the other kids, his classmates.”

Family friends said Ollie loved being active, swimming, and going to school.

He spent his Sundays attending services at the Waxahachie Bible Church with his father, John Wiedemann, who had custody of him.

“Each day has been pretty tough for John. When he's surrounded by a whole group of people, a lot of support, he's doing a little bit better. But when he has any time left on his own, it's very difficult,” Richter added.

The father's attorney said Ollie was spending time with his mother, who was supposed to drop him off at school Friday, August 23.

When that didn't happen, the school alerted Ollie's dad, who called police, setting off an Amber Alert several hours later.

Shortly after the alert went out, a hazmat team responded to a parking garage in downtown Waxahachie, where Ollie and his mother were found dead.

Over the last week, the community has been bringing by toys and other gifts to remember Ollie.

“I know it's been very comforting for John through a very difficult time,” Richter said.

Authorities have not said much about the circumstances surrounding the deaths, but court records reveal an ongoing custody battle between Ollie's parents starting in 2017.

Ollie's mother, Candace Harbin, had only recently been allowed supervised visits with Ollie.

The case is still under investigation.

Authorities do not expect to release the autopsy report on Ollie or his mother for several more weeks.