Georgetown residents fight to save historic Georgetown Rodeo and Arena

Ribbons with dozens of people's names are neatly tied along the fence outside the Georgetown Rodeo and Arena.

The arena was first built in 1950 in San Gabriel Park. The arena has seen rodeo queens, bull riders and young cow pokes alike. The Williamson County Sheriff's Posse has hosted 75 rodeos.

A tradition, Jo Ellen Lyons a daughter of a Posse member said the public deserves to carry on.

"It's a long term piece of Georgetown's history and it's a long term piece of what has shaped people who have lived here," Lyons said. "We understand that the current administration was not responsible for putting this in place but we also understand that they can make a change that it's not a done deal and if they do they'll be the heroes of the story."

As a part of the San Gabriel Park master plan the city wants to tear down the arena and make way for a greener space for festivals and special events.

In early July, a crowd of concerned rodeo fans addressed the city council with a petition to stop all plans to demolish the arena. the council sounded understanding but said the master plan has been in the works since 2008 and want to relocate the arena to a safer robust location.

Those opposed argue there isn't a suitable affordable place to host their next rodeo. Alex Mouton an officer of the Williamson County Sheriff’s Posse said the arena is maintained by the Posse and has brought a lot of revenue for the city.

"I think instead of converting it to just green space, you know it could be left as is and upgraded and be a better facility for the city itself," Mouton said.

Lyons said she will continue to spread awareness about the city’s move to demolish the arena. She argues not enough people were aware of the city’s plan back in 2008.

She along with other concerned rodeo attendees plan to voice their concerns at the next city council meeting.