Georgetown residents prepare for upcoming severe storms

Most of Central Texas was under a tornado watch Wednesday. With the potential for hail, damaging straight line winds and possible isolated tornadoes, people here are not taking any changes.

There’s a storm brewing over Central Texas. “It’s not uncommon a big storm anytime of the year here in central Texas,” said Joe Sponsel who lives in Georgetown. With the rain falling and winds begin if to howl many like Sponsel in Georgetown spent Wednesday preparing for the upcoming storms. “Put plants inside, make sure the animals go to the bathroom before it gets real heavy,” said Sponsel.

The National Weather Services predicted severe thunderstorms over night Wednesday and with them; the possibility of hail, damaging straight line winds and tornadoes.

“With the hail We only have space for one car in the garage so there’s not really much we can do about that just hope it doesn’t hit us,” said Sponsel.

With it being just after holidays many people like Sponsel still have their Christmas decorations out with the potential for strong winds local law enforcement angencies are urging people to bring in any thing loose indoors. Normaly Sponsel says they like the keep the Holiday cheer going until after the New Year, this storm has other plans.

“Probably not going to put it back out if it’s already in the garage ,” said Sponsel.

With severe storms, It’s not just his stuff sponsel is worried about, it’s the animals who hangout in the neighborhood. “That’s always in the back of my mind normally they’re in the gutters during inclement weather if it’s really windy but when it rains so much that’s all flooded so they don’t really have a place to go,” said Sponsel.