Field of Honor event in Georgetown begins Nov. 5

A special event is taking place in Georgetown for Veteran's Day.

The event is called the Field of Honor, and it's something special to see and experience.

Dr. Genie Cox and Cat Phelps, who are both with the Rotary Club of Georgetown, joined FOX 7 Austin's Mike Warren to discuss.

For more information on the event, click here.

MIKE: Dr. Cox tell us about the event?

DR. COX: The Field of Honor is a full week of majestic flags flying on the San Gabriel Park activity field, and these aren't just little flags they are full size and each one is purchased in honor of a veteran or first responder and there's a dedication tag when someone buys the flag. In addition to that emotional experience the big feature this year is the tunnel to towers 9/11 never forget exhibit. They bring from the East Coast an 1,100 square foot display of all kinds of artifacts from 9/11 and 4 FDNY firefighters who were there on 9/11. They'll be there all week giving tours and sharing their experiences.

MIKE: This is the 6th year of the event, cat why does it keep growing?

CAT: We are just passionate about our community and our service projects, and we want to bring as much impact to our community as we can. The other thing that drives this is the beneficiaries and organizations that come and use this as a host site for their activities, and it brings the community together in a special way.

MIKE: Dr. Cox what do you hope people will take away from the event?

DR. COX: Part of our mission besides honoring and benefiting vets and first responders we want to increase patriotism, we want people to feel this, this isn't something you just go and see and's emotional and people come away feeling a sense of gratitude and patriotism and that it was a wonderful thing to go and experience, so we want people to come whatever day they attend because it's a whole week and things are going on all week long and check our website.

MIKE: Cat, what are the dates?

CAT: It opens Saturday, Nov. 5 and goes through Nov. 12 and check our website, so you can plan your trip to Georgetown.

MIKE: Thank you both for being here.