Getting ready for Harvey: Austinites stocking up on emergency supplies

Emergency supplies are going quickly at stores as people get ready for the effects of Hurricane Harvey. While we don't know exactly how Harvey will impact Austin, the unknown isn't stopping people from stocking up just in case.

“Everybody is kind of freaking out across Texas, and are like there's already gas lines (out) and we're in North Texas, you should go get gas and get water, non-perishable foods.” Tynan and Sean were one of many gearing up for what hurricane Harvey may in store for Central Texas, “I got boxed macaroni and cheese, crackers,” Tynan said. The pair was not alone in their thoughts of heading to the store for emergency supplies. “God forbid if something disastrous happens and the water gets shut off, we have bottled water and things that we don't have to cook,” Tynan said.

As quick as store employees could stock the shelves with water is as quick as the customers were clearing them out.  “Our team is prepping in Corpus Christi, Galveston, the Houston area, as well here in Austin.” Leticia Mendoza is the Public Affairs Manager for HEB. She said not to worry; HEB has an entire team monitoring the weather and store conditions and are prepared for situations just like the one we could be facing this weekend. “In this case we have truckloads waiting for us of water, of ice, we've also seen customers getting ready with batteries, flashlights, toiletries and dry goods as well as snacks,” she said.

While many stores are already closed on the Gulf Coast and Houston, the HEB in Hancock Center in Central Austin will be open 24 hours ready to help everyone get those last minute emergency supplies.
But bring Mendoza said make sure to be patient, “There's going to be lots of customers who are in the same boat wanting to make sure that they're prepared.” There could be long lines to check out.

A long wait, but better to be safe than sorry, “I figured it might be safe to get stuff that won't need to be refrigerated. Just in case my refrigerator goes out I have food and I don't starve,” Sean said.