Glass art up for auction to help build housing community in Georgetown

If love can burn white-hot, then the molten glass in a 2,300 degree furnace certainly represents that kind of love.

"You got to be a special person to work in front of that fire," said Gail Allard, the owner of Salado Glassworks. For more than a month, Allard and his staff have been working with adults with special needs. 

Amy Marney and Brittany Hull were at the furnace Thursday make glass for a large white chandelier. Marney and Hull could hardly contain their joy about what they helped make. The team spent the morning molding the final pieces. Each one, like those who made them.

"Being able to come in, get a little bit of instruction and just hit the ground running, and make these really cool unique one of a kind pieces for this chandelier is pretty amazing," Allard.

The chandelier is called "Luce Aggraziata," which means graceful light. If sold in the store, FOX 7 was told it would cost more than $10,000. It’s up for auction Saturday night. 

The chandelier is one of more than 100 pieces of original artwork up for sale. The money raised goes to the support group Brookwood in Georgetown (BIG). 

"That is proof of what they can do and that is what we do every day at BIG," said Erin Kiltz the founder of BIG.

The nonprofit provides living space and jobs for adults with special needs, who are known as citizens. The organization is raising money to build a $25 million community in Weir. 

Work has begun on two of more than a dozen homes, called Grace Place, named for her daughter who recently passed away.

"The number one fear of a parent with special needs is what happens when we are no longer here to care for them, and Grace Place is that antidote to that fear and it will be a hope and a future for our citizens to thrive for a lifetime," said Kiltz.

Like the chandelier, Grace Place will have multiple pieces to provide jobs for its residents. Those additions include a wedding chapel, events center and drive in theater, a showcase of what can be done.

"From the smallest little pebble of glass to this beautiful chandelier, that we are going to end up auctioning off, it will be used to make a home," said Allard.

Tickets to attend the auction in person are sold out. Bids can be made online Saturday night.

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