Gov. Abbott calls for swift execution of mass shooters

Late Monday night, Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted that he is working on a legislative package and “expedited executions for mass shooters would be a nice addition.”

“You just cannot expedite something like that,” criminal defense attorney Darla Davis said. "You shouldn't even talk about expediting something like that."

Davis is also frustrated with mass shootings in Texas, but she feels Abbott's idea would set the wrong precedent.

“We should not be putting in a fast pass to the gurney,” she said.

Davis worked on both sides, as a prosecutor for 24 years and now as a defense attorney.

“As a prosecutor I never wanted to skip a step, especially if somebody was going to get the death penalty," Davis said. "All of their constitutional rights were seen to by competent lawyers and that's what we want."

Amid calls for a special session after a violent month of mass shootings in the state, the governor has not shown any signs of calling one yet, and that can be for many reasons, says Brian Smith of St. Edward's University

“We call special session, there aren't a lot of clear answers, everybody has their own opinion and it might be very disappointing for both parties," Smith said. "What he might do is kind of delay it, see if we can take it to 2021 for the Republicans. What he might also do is say this is time to pressure your national legislators."

Smith believes a special session right now, especially before an election, could just reach a stalemate.

“What the Republicans want is probably not a special session because if they look at it they're going to be seen as obstructionists especially when Texans want some kind of gun control legislation,” said Smith.

Whether a special session happens or not, Davis is just hoping lawmakers will not listen to Abbott's recommendations. 

“I think there are a lot of things that we could do," Davis said. "Saying that we are going to more quickly kill one more person, that just adds to the tally of the grim reaper in this state. We could stop expediting the sale of military grade weapons to people. We could stop expediting hateful racist rhetoric from our politicians."