Gov. Abbott tells FOX 26 he will issue clarification after Montgomery Co. says order is "unclear" and "vague"

Just hours after Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough called Gov. Greg Abbott's new executive order vague, the governor tells FOX 26 that he will issue a clarification and "clear up that ambiguity."

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Tuesday afternoon, Judge Keough posted a Facebook video to say that the Essential Services Order for Texas expires on April 30, and according to the governor's new order, there's nothing about salons, gyms, bars or barbershops having to remain closed.

On Monday, Gov. Abbott said these businesses would open in Phase 2 of his plan if there's no flare-up of COVID-19 cases in the first two weeks of May.

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"The businesses that he said would be closed are not in his orders as closed,"  Judge Keogh said.

When asked about it, Gov. Abbott told FOX 26 that Judge Keough is a friend of his and he knows is trying to comply with the order.

"After he mentioned what he said, I actually went back and looked at the order and I can understand why he's saying it needs clarification so we will provide that clarification," said Gov. Abbott.

He says the clarification "will make clear the facts."

"It does say for hair salons, for gyms, for bars, for tattoo parlors, and things like that they, are not allowed to open," the governor said. "I can now see why the judge views the language as being ambiguous and we will clear up that ambiguity."

The governor reiterated the businesses to open Friday are all retail stores malls restaurants movie theaters and museums and they all must limit their occupancy rate to 25%. Places of worship and doctors' offices can, too. Social distancing and taking sanitary precautions are still required.

Judge Keough says since the governor is clarifying the order, he will now enforce it.


Watch the full interview with Gov. Abbott below: