Grand jury decides two Round Rock police officers won't be charged in man's death

Two Round Rock police officers are in the clear Wednesday night.

A Travis County Grand Jury declined to indict them for an arrest they made last year where a suspect was injured and eventually died.

The grand jury heard seven hours of testimony about the night that William Slade Sullivan was pulled from his car in a Rick's Cabaret parking lot.

Dash cam video from Round Rock Police Sergeant Nathan Zoss was obtained by FOX 7. He responded to the 911 call around 3:30 a.m., someone said he was drunk and trying to leave.

In the video, you can see he pulls into the parking lot then Officer Kristen Mayo pulls in for back-up. You can hear her talking to Sullivan. When he wouldn't comply, they pulled the 44-year-old from his truck. At that point he started complaining that he couldn't feel his legs.

He was taken to the hospital. He had several medical complications and died on August 18.

The Medical Examiner ruled his death was the result of quote complications of blunt force trauma with a pre-existing disease that limits or prevents spinal flexibility.

"One has to assume that if he had a pre-existing medical condition that could have played a big role in the grand jury's decision that this was not caused by the officer’s conduct but rather something he was already susceptible to beforehand," said Defense Attorney and former Travis County prosecutor, Mindy Montford.

In a statement to FOX 7, the Round Rock Police Department tells us:

We are pleased that the Travis County district attorney's office has completed the court process and the Round Rock Police officers have been cleared. Due to the fact that there is still pending litigation, we are unable to discuss the case in detail.

That pending litigation is a civil case brought by Sullivan's family.