Granddaughter, boyfriend plea guilty to murder of Lawrenceville couple

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Gruesome details of the heinous murder of a Lawrenceville couple left loved ones in tears Friday.

This as two teenage murder suspects enter guilty pleas. Wendy and Randall Bjorge were savagely slaughtered in their own home by their granddaughter and boyfriend.

Cassandra Bjorge, 17, cried a bit but had nothing to say before she and Johnny Rider were given consecutive life sentences.

“I wonder how much vicious cruelty it takes to leave someone to putrefy,” said Sylvia Berman, sister of Randall Bjorge.

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Berman laid out all the agonizing questions that run through her mind when she thinks about how her brother and his wife, Wendy were stabbed and beaten by their own granddaughter Cassandra last April.

“Did he die quickly? Did Cassie see his face? Did he see Cassie's face? Someone he loved so much, someone he was so proud of.

Chris Bjorge, the couple’s son, too emotional to read his own victim impact statement so he asked his wife.

“It is sad to me that first time they visit my house and meet my children is in a paper bag from a funeral home,”

Prosecutors outlined the horrifying ordeal that the teens admitted to committing. Both waited for the lights to go dark in the couple's Lawrenceville home, then entered with Cassandra’s key. She ambushed and beat her grandmother while Rider kicked the grandfather and beat him with a tire iron in front of Mrs. Bjorge. All this before he slit their throats.

Gwinnett County Judge Debra Turner simply appalled by the lengths the two went to cover up their crime for a week.

“I just continue to be stunned that you sealed areas so that you could make sure the smell of decaying human flesh wouldn't be noticed. That you had parties and ordered Chinese food with two people that you had brutally murdered lying upstairs,” the judge said.

The plea deal spared both the death penalty in this capital murder case.

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