Grandma near death kills disabled grandson, worried that no one could take care of him, police say

An 87-year-old Florida woman told police she gave her disabled 30-year-old grandson a fatal dose of drugs because she fears she's near death and there will be no one else who can take care of him.

Bradenton police detectives took Lillian Parks into protective custody Sunday for an evaluation and medical treatment, spokesman Brian Thiers said in a Tuesday afternoon news conference.

Joel Parks lived with his grandmother on weekends and at a group home during the week. He was not able to take care of himself, Thiers said.

"She's worried when she's gone there will be nobody there to care for him."

On Sunday, Joel Parks' sister came to check on him and called 911 when she discovered his body at the grandmother's apartment.

The Bradenton Herald reports Joel Parks' father is dead and his mother is estranged.

Investigators say Lillian Parks will likely be charged with second-degree murder once she's released from a doctor's care. They're awaiting a toxicology report to reveal the substance used to kill Joel Parks.

Thiers said police don't know how long Parks had been dead before his body was discovered. Investigators spent Tuesday interviewing family members.

"This is a difficult case for our detectives," Thiers said. "Partly, we feel bad for an individual who feels that the only option is to take another human being's life because you're so worried about their care after you're gone."

"On the other hand, this was a process that was thought out, it was planned, and she took a human life," Thiers added.