Greg Kelley's attorney will ask WilCo DA to release him on bond ASAP

David Anderson is a retired Leander ISD golf coach and leadership teacher.  His daughter Gaebri is Greg Kelley's longtime girlfriend.

"Great young man.  Greg would come over and visit with us, took his shoes off before he walked in the house and [I was] like 'my goodness you don't have to do that.'  But always before he would leave he would say 'hey thank you coach, thank you Mrs. Anderson for letting me hang out,'" Anderson said.

Anderson says he first heard of the allegations against Kelley when Greg, his mom Rosa and the mother of the young man Kelley's attorney now believes is the real perpetrator came to Anderson's house to tell him he was being accused of sexually assaulting a child at the daycare where he'd been staying -- telling Anderson it wasn't true.

"I got a little shocked when he said that to me so I started questioning him just like a dad, you know, him dating my daughter, I said 'Greg did you walk around with a towel on or something and the towel fell off or what?' and he said 'no nothing ever happened with me and that young man.'  And next thing we know, we have a charge happening and it's out there on the news and he's painted as a monster," Anderson said.

Now -- Kelley is getting a second chance in court.  His attorney Keith Hampton will present new evidence at a hearing in August.  Last week, Kelley called his mom from prison as we interviewed her.  She told her son she wished he could be released sooner.

This week, Rosa is feeling more optimistic.

"Happy, just waiting for the moment that my son will come home," she said.

Hampton told me on Thursday he's filed a bench warrant to get Kelley transferred back to WilCo.  Once there he'll go to DA Shawn Dick and ask him to sign an agreement that would give a judge the authority to release Kelley on bond pending the hearing in August.

Jake Brydon has organized a rally to convince the DA to do just that.

"That's the whole title…'Free Greg Kelley' 'Free GK'  We don't want to wait.  We know Greg's getting out, we know Greg's not going to spend 25 years in prison for something he didn't do but we want him out now.  And we just want to exercise that right to assemble as a group of concerned citizens and see if our elected officials...if that means anything to them," Brydon said.

Kelley's attorney says during that August hearing, a judge will evaluate evidence and make a recommendation but the Court of Criminal Appeals will make the ultimate decision on relief for Kelley.
Rosa is hoping for absolution.

"It's what I'm expecting.  It's what I'm expecting, to be exonerated.  His name to be clear, clean...and for a new beginning for him," Kelley said.