Group rehabilitating fawns, opossums and fawns

The “Critter Crusaders” is an organization who help animals go back into the wild, healthy.

Shannon Kraft has always had a soft spot for animals

“I'd go to the creek and play with them. I'd be driving down the road, see something hit by a car, get out and move it off the road,” said Kraft.

She loved animals enough to start an organization with co-founder Dr. Amanda Holley.

She got the permit to rehabilitate animals in 2015, but hopes to soon make "Critter Crusaders" a 501c3 organization. Kraft houses the animals in enclosures built in the backyard of she and her husband's Georgetown home.

“We've had a fox, rabbits, squirrels, so small mammals up to fawns,” said Holley.

The group takes in baby animals who have often times are left orphaned, hit by a car, or just injured in general. Animal control officers or residents often bring animals.

“There's a health assessment. We see if they're dehydrated, malnourished, if they need a vet or can it be taken care of in-house,” said Holley.

Then after some time, they release the animals back into the wild...but there are not always success stories. Leela, the tiny fawn had a terrible infection.

“This morning, we fed her and did everything normal and she passed away about an hour after we woke up,” said Kraft.

“Shannon works tirelessly to take care of them and everyone who volunteers really puts their heart into the animals and when they pass away it's very difficult,” said Holley.

The group says they make sure they do just enough nurturing to show the animals love, but they know when to back off so they'll be ready for the wild.

To know if a fawn is in distress, Kraft says the inside of their mouth will be ice cold, and oftentimes they may have feces on their bottoms if mom is not or has not been around for some time.

Baby raccoons in distress will often be huddled together in a random area. If their parent is around, they often place babies in an attic or in a tree.

To find out how you can help or donate through Paypal, contact Critter Crusaders directly at