Gun fight ends with fatal confrontation with APD

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Yellow markers on Trinity between 6th & 7th show where the fatal confrontation with police happened.

"It was boom, boom, boom it stop for second and then it went boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom it sounded like 32 shots,” said Jeremy Crowell.

Crowell was near the Omni Hotel when from a nearby alley; shots rang out.

"It was quiet, but as soon as I heard the gunshots I seen this African-American male running saying, gun shots, gun shots and I was like whoa,” said Crowell.

Two men were having a gun fight according to a witness by the street name of hobbit.

"It sounded like it was a war, fully auto. It was gangster, you might want to call it, I called it a war zone that's what it sounded like to me, it was just like pop, Ratatat Tat pop, pop, pop, pop."

This all started a little after midnight Friday when police got several calls about a disturbance in a nightclub called Terminal 6. Initially police say they were about to start crowd control measures when the gun shots rang out. 

A concert was taking place at Terminal 6 featuring the rapper NBA Young Boy.

"The officers at that point did not enter the alley, but took a stance of ready to look down the alley, and at that point they saw an individual that was running towards them and eastbound direction with a handgun in his right hand, the officers gave them individual multiple commands,” said APD Assistant Chief Troy Gay.

The chaos was felt a block away in a bar called the Voodoo Room- according to Danny Novoa.

“I was DJ, playing some music all of a sudden we heard people running the crowd was running east on 6th St. everyone was just running we turned off the music shut the doors down,” said Novoa.

There are several security cameras in the entertainment district. Investigators say cameras recorded images of the back alley gun fight. Police body cameras recorded video of the fatal confrontation with the officers.

"I was able to view several of these videos and you can see on one of these videos the individual's weapon points toward the direction of the officers, at that point we had eight officers that fired towards the individual and one officer fired a less lethal which was a Taser,” said Gay.

All 9 of the officers have been placed on Administrative Duty; pending the outcome of internal investigations and a review by the DA.

The 21-year-old man who was shot was taken by ambulance and died later at the hospital. On social media friends and family identified him as Aquantis Givens. One witness claims Givens was being robbed by someone in the alley and was running away when he encountered police.

There is little information about the second gunman who fled the scene.

Investigators say they did recover a weapon. Crime scene techs also canvassed the area for gun shells and other evidence. Around noon, a white Sedan was seized.

Two bullet holes could be seen in the side of the vehicle as it was taken away by a tow truck.