Gwyneth Paltrow reflects on ski crash trial for the first time

Last month, Gwyneth Paltrow stood trial in Utah where a man named Terry Sanderson accused her of causing him severe injury when she allegedly crashed into him while they were both skiing at the luxurious Deer Valley ski resort.

She ultimately won the trial after Sanderson was determined to be "100 percent at fault" for the 2016 ski crash. The proceedings garnered lots of attention, and now, weeks later, Paltrow has taken to Instagram to comment on what happened.

Her post featured a video of falling show, a photo of an extravagant living room, another photo of snow, and one of a whiskey bottle, all apparently taken during the time she spent in Utah for the trial.

Her captioned seemed to confirm this – she wrote "Last weeks of March; storms of varying kinds, a beautiful place to lay my head, cold therapy of the most natural kind, and a whisky discovery."


The last weeks of March were when the trial took place. "Storms of various kinds" could refer to both the snowstorms in the area and the media storm the trial caused.

Many of her followers also understood her post to be a reference to her days in court.

"Hope you were able to ski in peace, my queen," one person wrote.

"May you never lose half a day of skiing again!!" another exclaimed, referencing Paltrow's viral quote from her testimony.

One follower told her, "And you deserve all the peace after what you just endured - and with such dignity. May you enjoy this goodness."


The comments on her post were filled with similar sentiments, and it seems that while she was formerly a constant target of criticism for her bizarre statements and GOOP stunts, the people are now firmly on Paltrow's side.

As celebrity branding expert and founder of Achilles PR Doug Eldridge explained to Fox News Digital earlier this month, Paltrow chose to be "authentic," and as an actress, chose to play herself throughout this trial.

"'Gwyneth' is such a fitting name for Paltrow, because much like a Wes Anderson character, she’s truly one of a kind," he explained. "She took a positive PR bump post trial for four reasons: 1) she won, 2) she countersued for $1 dollar (along with what is likely mid-six figures in legal fees), 3) her answers were ridiculous, and 4) her courtroom wardrobe was strategic and effective."

"On the latter two points, you have to understand that Paltrow’s ‘fan base’ is almost entirely female, which is relevant but for decidedly unique reasons," Eldridge explained. "On the wardrobe front, civil trials have become an extension of the red carpet – an opportunity for celebrities to extend and personify their personal brand, like Johnny Depp did last year with his Dior partnership. For Paltrow, she played to her fans, from the Dahmer glasses to the muted chic, she knew what jurors and fans would like to see, and she nailed it. We’re a visual society, and she played it to a tee."

"Secondarily, Paltrow leaned into her stereotype and gave the viewers exactly what they wanted – equal parts Gwyneth, Goop, Great Expectations, and Margo Tenenbaum," Eldridge added. "She quipped (under oath) that she ‘lost a half day of skiing’ and said it with such unapologetic candor, that even the most ‘Cracker Barrel viewers’ smiled and thought, ‘man, that stinks.’ Paltrow didn’t try to become more likable or sympathetic to would-be jurors as parties often do; instead, she embraced her most SNL-worthy criticisms and in so doing, came off authentic, believable, and even likable."

"At a time when everyone wants to add a filter or round the edges so that a square peg fits a ‘round hole audience,’ Paltrow delivered her best performance to date: she played herself."

Fox News Digital's Lauryn Overhultz contributed to this report.

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