Half Price Books to go plastic bag free by 2023

Dallas-based Half Price Books will be going "Plastic Bag Free by 2023."

The nation's largest family-owned new and used bookseller announced that starting on Earth Day, April 22, plastic bags will be available by request only at its more than 120 stores nationwide, with the goal of phasing them out completely by 2023.

To launch the campaign, from April 22-24, Half Price Books says it will donate the proceeds from the sale of each reusable tote bag to The Arbor Day Foundation.

"Half Price Books has created a tried-and-true business out of sustainable reading," said president Kathy Doyle Thomas in a release. "We realize that single-use plastic bags are a big problem for the environment, and we’re doing what we can by offering customers the opportunity to partner with us in creating a greener footprint." 

The bookseller says that this initiative is part of its 50th anniversary celebration and is honoring its company mission of taking care of the environment.

Half Price Books has 42 locations in Texas alone, with 13 of those operating in Central Texas.