Halloween heaven: Home gets covered in 3,000 hand-carved pumpkins every October

It’s officially Spooky Season and one home in West Virginia celebrates every year with 3,000 hand-carved pumpkins covering the property.

Ric Griffith, a pharmacist and former mayor of Kenova, West Virginia, created the ever-growing pumpkin tradition in front of his home.

He told TODAY that his Halloween creation wasn’t something planned but that it “just evolved out of a variety of factors.”

“I have three daughters and when they were young, they and their friends would help me carve pumpkins for the house,” he told TODAY.

Griffith said the number kept growing as the years went on and eventually he settled on 3,000, which is how many can fit on his property.

Each year toward the end of the month, hundreds of volunteers head over to his home to begin the carving process. He said he has about 20 dedicated people who come every day.

Griffith draws most of the designs people will carve out and children scoop out the insides.

While all the volunteers are hard at work carving the pumpkins, Griffith said his wife makes sure they’re all given a good meal.

While the overall theme for his pumpkin home is different every year, there are dedicated spots. In one area there’s a section featuring dozens of cat-themed pumpkins and another shows off all of the U.S. presidents.

Griffith said as many as 30,000 people pay a visit to the property, and he gets visitors from around the world.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.