Mobile health clinic helps local teachers, school staff receive health care

Harbor Health is teaming up with local school districts to help teachers and school staff stay healthy while doing their job by bringing the doctor's office to school. 

FOX 7 Austin got a look inside "Bluebonnet," the mobile health care clinic at Eden Park Elementary in South Austin, part of the Wayside School District. The clinic holds two exam rooms, and is equipped with the ability to perform lab work as well. 

Dr. Luci Leykum, the Chief Clinical Officer for Harbor Health, says these clinics allow people to see everyone from primary care doctor to a specialist all in one visit. 

"It could be a pharmacist could be a physical therapist," Leykum said. "All of those people are part of the team working with each person."

The superintendent of the Wayside district, Matt Abbott, tried it out for himself. 

"It’s super hard to get to the doctor because the kids need you, for us to be able to bring a clinic to campus, so they can literally walk out from their classroom on a break or before school or after school and actually see the doctor and get the care they need," Abbott said.