Harris County deputies save man from burning car right before driver's seat is engulfed in flames

An amazing video that was released shows the dramatic moment when a group of first responders rescued a man from a burning car.

It’s nearly impossible to watch that video and not hold your breath, seeing the man trapped inside the car and rescued just seconds before it was engulfed in flames. We want to warn you, that some may find the video disturbing.

It was on December 8 during the early morning hours when 20-year-old Jonathan Morales-Fuentes was driving home from work. He started to fall asleep at the wheel and struck a tree at Clay Road and War Memorial. He was lucky that soon after, off duty Sergeant Lance Anderson with Harris County Precinct Five Constable’s Office drove by, and sprang into action. 

“I don’t think I did anything more than anybody else would’ve done in that situation. Trying to just keep somebody from passing that night," said Anderson.

Anderson called for back up, and soon other deputies arrived. The men struggled to get him free, relying on fire extinguishers to buy them time. 

“I just put my head back, and I thought I was ready. I thought I was going to pass away," Morales-Fuentes tells FOX 26.

As the flames grew stronger, the men worked harder. In all, it took almost 10 minutes before they were able to pry him from the car, and in that instant, the driver's side seat was engulfed in flames. 

“I got saved like right in time. Like I don’t know, I could’ve passed away, I barely made it out alive from that. So I’m just grateful," says Morales-Fuentes.

He suffered a broken leg and some minor burns and bruises. The men who rescued him only suffered minor injures. We’re told they went through seven fire extinguishers before they ran out, and it was that moment that they were able to free him.

Morales-Fuentes and the deputies are hoping for a reunion in the near future.