Have you seen Roxanne Paltauf? Family is still searching for answers

An Austin mother's fight to get answers and closure after her daughter's disappearance has continued for more than a decade. With no new leads, the family continues their relentless search for Roxanne Paltauf. Roxanne was 18-years-old when police say she was last seen by her boyfriend at a Budget Inn on Rundburg Lane and I-35 in July of 2006. 

Her boyfriend told police the two got into an argument and she stormed off.

Saturday, on the anniversary of her disappearance, her family goes back to the area she was last seen and puts up fliers in hopes to bring awareness to her case. Her mother Elizabeth Harris says family and friends reuniting on the anniversary of her disappearance helps keep Roxanne's memory alive while bringing them closer together.  

"She met so much to everybody in our family and it's a shame she disappeared with nothing we are the only ones that can fight for her," said Harris. 

The investigation has been moved to the Austin Police Department's Cold Case Unit, and remains ongoing. No arrests have been made.