Headstones damaged in old Austin cemetery

Vandals struck a North Austin cemetery where graves date back to the 1850's. A dozen headstones were knocked over or broken.

The small Fiskville Cemetery is located off Rundberg Lane and I-35.

It's a sentimental place for the Caraways. Patricia's father once tended to the graves. She now carries on the tradition doing the lawn care and setting out flowers with her husband Robert.

"I love what I do," said Patricia.

Their ancestors are buried here. The two even have their own headstone.

"We went ahead and purchased it and had it put down to mark our spot," said Robert.

On Sunday, the couple noticed that a dozen headstones in the oldest portion of the cemetery had been damaged.

"All these headstones were lying on the ground," said Robert. "Looks like they just came in here and kicked them down to knock them down somehow and they broke."

Some lay in pieces. Others had been twisted or moved off the foundation.

A metal pipe was found next to one of the damaged headstones, perhaps it was used to commit the crime.

"It makes me disappointed and mad somebody come in here and do this kind of damage to the cemetery," said Robert.

It's the second time in recent years that vandals have struck. Last time, someone spray-painted headstones. The damage total was $12 thousand dollars.

The Caraways estimate it will cost around $10 thousand dollars to repair these headstones.

It's a huge hit to a cemetery that runs on donations alone.

"Hopefully we can catch who is doing this and make them pay for it," said Robert.

The Caraways reported the incident to APD. If you know anything about this crime, call the police department.