Healing with Horses Ranch hosts annual Easter egg hunt in Manor

Texas weather isn't going to ruin Easter plans at Healing for Horses Ranch Saturday morning.

The barn arena was filled with plastic eggs ready for eager children.

"He was having so much fun, he basically wants to live here now," says Kristen Albarico, mother of a small child.

"Really fun, really exciting I think he really enjoyed it they brought out the donkey out which was pretty cool I got to meet the donkey that was cool," says Bellamy and Harrison Ferris.

Healing with Horses Ranch, located in Manor, hosted their annual Easter egg hunt to invite the community over to introduce everyone to the friendly four-legged friends.

"We got to meet with Apple and Avalon, you liked the horses Finley, oh yea and Earl," says Albarico.

While the kids filled their baskets with eggs, parents learned more about Healing with Horses' mission.

"We work with people with disabilities at risk youth and veterans to build independence and resilience through horsemanship," says Arianna Roman, development director at Healing with Horses.

Due to the heavy rain Central Texas received recently, some of the activities will be put on hold.

"We have a duck derby that's been postponed probably till next weekend that we will livestream on our social media," says Roman.

You can click here to find out if you have a lucky ducky.