Wimberley church becomes sanctuary for Hermosa fire evacuees

Drone video, recorded early Thursday morning with the use of a special camera, shows the Hermosa fire burning along slopes and in ravines near Wimberley

Embers glowed on the ground like white-hot stars in the night sky. Fire crews could be seen moving through the area as efforts to save homes continued.

"The thing that initially impressed me was the Hays County Sheriff's Officer that came to my door to alarm me. I wasn't even aware there was a fire in my neighborhood, but he said ‘leave now the fire is here’," said Wimberley resident Richard Walker.

Walker and his wife took shelter in Wimberley’s First Baptist Church. At one point, 42 people evacuated to the church.

"We were greeted by their team, welcomed us in like long-lost family and have shared their home, their food, their water with us, and it is just an overwhelming love support, and we appreciate it and have a new love for the place we live, called Wimberley," said Walker.

Seventeen people, including the Walkers, spent Wednesday night at the church sleeping on blow up beds and on couches. 

Thursday around noon, Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra posted a video from inside the burn scar. He showed how close the fire got to one home.

"I'm specifically standing in this site because I want you to know that although fire hoses are good and helpful, garden hoses are good and helpful. They will never be enough. If you are asked to evacuate, you must evacuate," said Judge Becerra.

Some of those who were evacuated went to hotels and local B&Bs. Others stayed with family in San Antonio. 

County officials promised that law enforcement officers will provide security patrols.