Heroic act made halfway around the world gets recognition in Texas

The special session is starting to wind down with political negations going on Tuesday on several items on the governor's call.

One item that’s not on the 20 item list got a resounding ‘yes’ vote.  It involved a resolution recognizing a heroic act made half a world away.

The resolution was done Tuesday afternoon in the House Chamber.  Waxahachie Republican John Wray introduced HR 46 to recognize David Eubank.

HR 46 states that the people of the lone star state are proud to call this courageous and selfless individual one of our own. 

Eubank is a Texas Aggie who served in the army special forces.  He now heads a humanitarian aid group called the Free Burma Rangers

The resolution which passed Tuesday afternoon was drafted to honor Eubanks actions while he was with a brigade of Iraqi troops in Mosul last month.

Video was recorded of Eubank dashing out of protective cover in order to rescue a child.
Smoke canisters blocked the view of snipers and Eubank was able to bring the 5-year-old girl out of harm’s way.