‘His fighting spirit prevailed’: COVID-19 patient discharged from hospital after spending 85 days in ICU

A man is finally going home after spending 85 days at a Nevada hospital fighting COVID-19.

Medical staff at Renown Health in Reno, Nevada were finally able to say goodbye to a patient, known as Fernando, after he spent nearly three months in the cardiac intensive care unit battling a serious case of COVID-19.

Fernando was put on a ventilator for 60 days and stayed in a medically induced coma for most of his stay, according to the hospital.

Fernando spent 85 days in the ICU fighting COVID-19. (Renown Health via Storyful)

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Video shared on Feb. 21 showed the happy moment when Fernando was finally discharged from the hospital with staff lining the hallways, applauding as he rolled by.

Fernando’s wheelchair was adorned with balloons as he made his way to be reunited with his children.

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"For weeks, doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists at Renown worried Fernando wouldn’t recover," a representative for Renown Health stated. "Fortunately, his fighting spirit prevailed, and even when he was unable to respond to his family or those taking care of him, he made small steps toward recovery."

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COVID-19 recovery stories like Fernando’s gave the medical staff at Renown reinvigorated hope to keep fighting against the deadly pandemic.

"The past year has brought forth unprecedented challenges as Renown care providers have fought to adapt to the changing needs of their patients, hospital, and community," a representative for the hospital said. "At times, the staff felt defeated and uncertain for what would come next. However, as COVID cases decline in our community as well as our hospitals, there truly is no better way to share this renewed sense of hope than through stories like Fernando’s."

Though Fernando’s story might offer hope, health officials are warning Americans not to let down their guard.

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While deaths and newly confirmed infections have plummeted from their peaks in January, they are still running at high levels. The U.S. is averaging close to 2,000 deaths and 66,000 cases per day.

The Associated Press and Storyful contributed to this report.