Home security records moment when road rage chase became a shoot out

Home security video recorded the moments when a road rage chase became a shoot-out.

The deadly confrontation happened in front of a Sendero Springs cul-de-sac near Round Rock on March 30th. Two bullets slammed into the home of Vivek Mishra. "I was sitting there just watching TV then I heard immediately so many shots they fired 12 or 15, I guess," said Mishra.

One bullet hole can be seen near an upstairs window.  Another bullet hole is in a window frame on the back part of the house where Mishra, his children, and his wife were.


"Right on this window inside, she was trying to open up the closed blinds,  and that’s when exactly it happened," said Mishra.

Williamson County deputies were called out and only found one car, a dark sedan that was hit multiple times. The gunfight in the street was captured by several home security cameras according to Lieutenant Jason Braeutigam. "I’ve been a policeman for 23 years as far as gun violence this is probably one of the worst ones I’ve seen," said Lt. Braeutigam.

Three people have now been arrested: Esteban Rivera of Killeen and brothers Justin Lee Chambers and Jacob James Chambers of Georgetown. Investigators say the neighborhood shootout was between Jacob and Rivera. 

"It almost looks like it’s simultaneously from what we’ve been able to gather through the investigation but it was very dangerous for everyone involved," said Lt. Braeutigam.

Officials at Fort Hood confirm that Esteban Rivera is a soldier assigned to the 3rd Calvary regiment. He has been at the post since 2017. Video provided to FOX 7 shows Rivera‘s car with a shattered driver-side window and a hole in the back fender. FOX 7 was told Rivera’s wife and children with him at the time.


This all began with a minor fender bender on FR 1431 between Cedar Park in Round Rock at the entrance to the Sendero Springs subdivision. Investigators say Esteban Rivera's Volkswagen Passat was rear-ended by Justin Chambers' Toyota Camry. The two vehicles didn’t stay at the intersection to exchange information but instead were driven into the neighborhood and converged at the front of the cul-de-sac. Chambers, investigators say, was chased by Rivera. 

The road rage shootout that happened in the neighborhood is just the latest in a number of incidents that have taken place locally and nationally. "I don’t know if there is a rhyme or reason to it I think people are just letting their emotions get the best of them," said Lt. Braeutigam.

To keep cases of road rage from escalating, authorities say use your head, use your cell phone, and then back off.

"The best thing to do is to get all pertinent information, whether it be a license plate number, and description of the persons that’s actively part of this road rage, get as much information as you can, call 911, and if you have to try to go to a safe place go to that same place," said Lt. Braeutigam.

Jacob James Chambers was captured Sunday outside of Del Rio. He was being held in the Val Verde County jail and will be transferred back to Williamson County. His brother Justin is accused of trying to hide the car they were in and the gun. The gun Jacob allegedly used has not yet been recovered.