Homes, businesses in Taylor prep for storm following recent flooding

With more rain on the way, people in Taylor are concerned.

Many homes and businesses have only recently recovered from flooding last week.    

 “You just take it as it comes I guess,” said Donna Jones, a waitress at the Taylor Café. 

With the potential for severe weather on the way, Jones said they aren't taking any chances. 

“Make sure stuff is unplugged which was something we didn't do because we didn't know it was going to come in last time,” said Jones. 

Last week, floodwaters took them by surprise and even shut them down for a day to get the water out.

“We had water roll in through doors and it was quite past my ankles,” said Jones.

While it flooded at the Taylor Café, a few feet from the front door is a storm drain. 

“Usually it will drain off into the drains, this time it didn't but it came down really fast too,” said Jones.

Last week’s flooding is also fresh on the minds of those who live in Taylor. 

“The bridge crossing the side walk was completely underwater,” said Marta Havier. “It was fascinating it was scary, it was very unusual, but we survived.”

The area where Havier lives saw extensive flooding and people spent last week drying out their homes.

“I have never seen anything like this my 30 years living in Taylor,” said Havier. 

Both Havier and Jones said they will be keeping an eye on the forecast to avoid being surprised again.

The city of Taylor said they have their crews on standby this evening in case the weather does turn severe.