Smoke alarm saves family from house fire in Southwest Austin

A Southwest Austin home was destroyed after a fire early Wednesday morning.

Division Chief Eddie Martinez with the Austin Fire Department (AFD) said a battery for a piece of lawn equipment caught fire while sitting on the deck outside charging.

"It overheats, it starts heating, and it just heats up so much that it's running away, and its thermal heat causes it to catch on fire," he said.

The two adults and a child living in the home were able to escape uninjured thanks to the smoke alarm. Austin Fire tweeted out it was a potential tragedy averted.

"Our fire alarm recommendations are one inside each bedroom, one outside each bedroom, and one in the common area of the house, not the kitchen, but in the common area of the house," said Chief Martinez.

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Firefighters battled a house fire in Southwest Austin Wednesday morning. (Austin Fire Department)

As for lithium-ion batteries, Chief Martinez says it is important to be extra cautious. He warns those who have them to not leave them constantly plugged in once fully charged. He adds do not keep them outside in a hot environment, but in a climate-controlled environment like inside. Also, inspect the batteries regularly.

"Make sure they don't have any damage, any bulging, any holes, any cracks in them, because that makes them susceptible to fire," he said.