House still stuck in middle of South Austin road

UPDATE: crews were working to make the house fit Monday evening but City Transportation Dept. made them stop working. Apparently they didn't take the right steps to get their permit on Monday.

On Live Oak in South Austin, a house has been sitting in the middle of the road since Friday evening.

Nick Morphis, the owner of Austin Home Movers told FOX 7 over the weekend the city told him he didn't have the right permit so he needed to leave the house where it was. 

According to the City of Austin, a relocation permit was needed...which Morphis did have.

He's also got to be registered with the city as a contracter.  He is.  And he needed an "overweight" permit with the DMV to take the house on highways.  The DMV says he did have that -- showing the home's final destination to be Lockhart.

The city's Urban Forestry division was on scene Monday to check out the heritage Oak trees.

"We spoke to a gentleman who lives in the condo here.  He said he got woken up by 5:00 in the morning by them with the chainsaws trying to cut the trees and he stopped them from cutting the trees and actually had to stay here until the police showed up so they would t cut the trees down," said neighbor Cindy Warren.

According to the Transportation Department, Austin Home Movers was cited Saturday for blocking the right of way.  On Monday they filed for a permit to allow them to keep blocking the right of way.

How the company will get the house down the road remains to be seen.

We spoke with several home moving experts by phone... they say they never would have tried to get the house down the road in the shape it's in.  One company said they would have cut the roof off as well as the sides. 

Also, The Better Business Bureau says they have Morphis in their system as AAA-Austin Home Movers.  They have an A- rating with 3 customer complaints.  Here is a link to the complaints.