Houston rescue efforts continue

As emergency officials are inundated with water rescue calls thousands of volunteers are taking matters into their own hands hoping to save as many people as they can.

Volunteers are risking their lives to save others something Christy Escamilla and her parents said they will be forever grateful for.

"There is a car over here that's under water. And right down the street there's a truck that's underwater. It's like either way, we were going to get out or be stuck there. And I don't want to be stuck there,” said Escamilla.

Rising floodwaters have turned Houston streets into rivers.  Wide-spread flooding caused by tropical storm Harvey.

Despite the risk, volunteers continue to come help in droves with boats of all sizes.  They launched one staging area at I45 and Cypresswood drive in spring Texas just 25 miles from downtown Houston.

From children to the elderly to even cancer patients. The Harris County sheriff’s office is helping coordinate the rescues. FOX 7 rode with them by boat through the north hill estates subdivision. going door to door making sure no one was left behind.

"I don't want them to make an error for material things and wind up losing a loved one that they cannot replace. Cars, houses can be replaced. Family members can't and I just don't want them to make that mistake and regret it later on," said one volunteer.

Many residents have never experienced something like this before this since they don't live in a floodplain or flood-prone area. This is beyond what anybody could have imagined.
Resources from all over the country are being brought in.

FOX 7 ran into the FEMA Colorado Urban Search and Rescue crews along the way.  Everyone is bracing for more flooding over the next few days but hoping to lean on each other to get through this together.