How Brian Laundrie's behavior could provide clues about his disappearance

It's the question on everyone's mind: is Brian Laundrie alive or dead? It's impossible to know right now but a renowned psychologist believes there are some clues in Laundrie's behavior that may get us closer to the answer.

Experts start by looking at Brian Laundrie's actions.

Laundrie drove Gabby Petito’s van all the way back to Florida without her. He's now accused of using a debit card that wasn’t his after she was dead. And then, almost as soon as she's reported missing, Brian disappears, roughly two weeks after her death.

So, experts have been asking if Brian Laundrie is someone who seems like they want to take their own life, or take off?

Gabby Petito's father told FOX News on September 15 he never saw any red flags with Brian Laundrie, his would-be son-in-law.

But Dr. James Huysman, a renowned Florida psychologist and Chief Compassion Officer for WellMed, is currently writing a book on personality disorders and says he sees plenty.

"This is pretty much something that happens in America and around the world, pretty much under the radar," Dr. Huysman said after watching body camera video of Brian Laundrie during an incident involving Gabby in Utah.

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Dr. Huysman says it's improper to diagnose Laundrie from afar, but he says the reports and video show signs of narcissism that could lead to an abusive relationship.

Laundrie in Utah police Body camera video

A 911 call led to the incident in Utah. The caller told police "the gentleman was slapping the girl." The gentleman was Brian Laundrie and the girl was Gabby Petito, police later revealed. 

When the police got there, Gabby is sobbing as she talked with officers. Laundrie, however, was calm and seemingly unemotional.

"In terms of this disorder, they have no core values," Dr. Huysman said of someone who might display narcissistic behaviors.

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Dr. Huysman says this knowledge can indicate how a person like that might react under the kind of pressure investigators are putting on Laundrie now.

Where is Brian Laundrie now?

"They are very likely to run away, to hide, to think they can get away with it," Huysman said.

Investigators have spent days searching a wildlife refuge near the Laundrie family home in North Port -- looking for him, for evidence, or both. Brian is the only person of interest in Gabby's homicide and has been missing since September 14.

Dr. Huysman says even narcissists reach a breaking point.

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"This is a time when self-harm issues or suicide can be triggered," he explained.

So, is Laundrie alive or dead? Dr. Huysman says that likely depends on the extent of any possible personality disorders.

"There's a lot of pointing fingers. ‘I didn't do it… I'm not accountable.’ But there's also those times alone when you can't deny what's happening in my life is it's entirely falling apart," he said.