How to keep pets safe this summer

Veterinarians say the best time to take your dog out for a walk is early in the morning before it gets too hot.

Austin Pets Alive! said during the summer months, their clinic sees a lot of burnt paw incidents. It's most common during the summer because pet parents forget how hot the concrete can get during the day.

This weekend, we're expected to see temperatures reach the high 90s, which can be dangerous for your dog. APA! says it's important to limit your time outside with your dog, so they don't overheat.

You also want to make sure they have plenty of access to water and are able to stay cool. 

"If you notice your dog overheating. One common misconception is spraying them down completely with water. That can actually trap the heat. So you want to just spray their paws down, because they don't sweat like we do," says Lauren Heymann, clinic program senior manager at Austin Pets Alive!.

If your dog is panting constantly, or faster than normal (hyperventilation), the animal could be overheated. Dogs with flat faces like pugs are more susceptible to heat exhaustion because they cannot pant as efficiently.

Austin Pets Alive! is also asking for donations during the summer months. They are in need of kiddie pools and ice to help keep the animals in the shelter cool.