How to survive if you work with a jerk

Do you work with a jerk? It’s ok—you can be honest. At some point, though there’s a good chance you’ve worked with someone who has acted like one.

So if you work with a jerk, or for one (or both?), how can you survive? The Wall Street Journal has answers. They published a recap of years of research and information accumulated from people who have dealt with similar situations at the office.

Here are a few of the tactics they suggest:

1. Stay away: Keep your distance from said jerk. The study said it’s better to limit the frequency, duration and intensity of the toxic encounters you have with them. It might sound crazy, but even a few extra feet can make a difference.

2. Slow it down: When an office jerk puts you on blast, slow the frequency of your response. Engage as infrequently as you can, and when you do respond, slow the pace and remain as calm as you can.

3. Look at it differently: This survival method involves reframing the jerk’s behavior in a more positive, less threatening light.

Watch the video above to see what FOX 5 contributor Sarah Fraser had to say about dealing with jerks at work.

Click here to read the full story from WSJ.