Hundreds attend first Austin Refugee Day Festival

The world's game is being used to bring many different worlds within Austin together.

"Soccer is definitely a celebration across cultures. a lot of our guys are constantly asking to come out and play so today  was a great opportunity to come together.

More than 100 people from different countries, religions, and backgrounds did just that during the first Austin Refugee Day Festival at Givens Park on Sunday.

"It's about learning different cultures, eating different food, playing with one another, it's like a mini olympics." Claudia Carret, of Refugee Services of Texas, said, "The goal is to honestly have fun and just play with friends, family, and coworkers."

It was also a chance to not only net some goals but to decompress from adjusting to not only a new life but a new country.

"People just carry a lot. there is a lot of heaviness in the work that we do but to be able to come out and just play and to let all that tension go I think is really essential especially as people are trying to resettle into American culture, assimilate as best they can," Erin Edmonds said.

The festival not only provided a safe place but a common ground so everyone could put their best foot forward.

"I guess the only word that comes to mind is celebration of people being able to unify around a common game. a common game that everybody loves," Edmonds said.