Hundreds of cyclists ride 150 miles to raise money and awareness for multiple sclerosis

Hundreds gathered at the State Capitol this weekend all for a great cause: to raise awareness for multiple sclerosis, or MS.

"Multiple sclerosis is a disease, as of now, that has no cure," said Brandice Pierre with MS 150 ride. "And so we come out, ride and raise money and awareness for the cause of ending MS."

This year is the 39th annual MS 150 ride, a 150-mile bike ride that raises money for MS support. Throughout the years they have raised more than $300 million dollars.

"So, one of the main reasons why we're out here riding for a cure is because anyone who's diagnosed today has access to 23 different medicines," said Pierre. "This wasn't possible even 20 years ago."

Lisa Steffek has been participating in the MS 150 Ride for over 10 years. She says this ride means a lot for her and her family.

"Knowing that my mom has MS, she physically, and a lot of people who have MS, cannot do the ride," she said. "So being able to do it for them is amazing."

During this journey to raise awareness for MS, Steffek says she has grown a bond with her team.

"The team is my family," Steffek said. "We're friends, we're family. I've gone to weddings, birthdays, baby showers, funerals. We're a family."

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And being able to do this ride with people who she calls family is rewarding to her.

"The spirit, and the finish line, and riding, and seeing people in wheelchairs holding up signs and saying thank you for riding for me," Steffek said.