Hundreds wait in line at Best Buy in Cedar Park for hot deals

The sound of sliding doors opening is music to an early shopper’s ears.

Well, at least that's the case for hundreds of folks at best buy this thanksgiving evening.

"I circled all day so I knew what I wanted." Marc Wicks tells me he's been waiting since 7:30 in the morning on Thursday for doors to open at 5 in the afternoon. And he's just getting started with his Christmas shopping, as his family anxiously wait on him at home.

"I'm not done. My wife's still waiting for me at home. I got to go to Target Hot Topic Game Stop the Mall. Did you eat any turkey at all? Not at all but I will soon trust me she's texting me,” he says.

Marc snagged a few big items including an air fryer and smart TV. Something we noticed a lot of folks had on their lists. So popular, some were a little late to the party. This woman turned around when she realized air fryer she wanted, was sold out.

“This isn't what I originally wanted but this was the next best one."

Christine Gontko says she waited for 30 minutes and thinks she got the best deal out there - price wise. "I thought it was going to be a little more crowded. But they've got a good set up where they only allow a certain amount of people in at one time,” she says.

If the sound of hundreds of people in one superstore bother you, you may want to avoid mixing with these excited shoppers. Aaron Campoy who comes with his family each year says it can be a headache, but it's so worth it. He says, “I got me a brand new headset from my console which is super super cool. $250 but I got them on sale for $189 so that's a pretty great savings."

And while some customers come for a one time visit, others like Marc say he plans on going even bigger in 2019. Marc says he upgrades his TVs every year.