Hungry? The ATX Food Truck Festival has you covered

One of the biggest trends in the restaurant business right now are food trucks. 

These mobile restaurants have come a long way since vending ice cream and hot dogs.

Foodies alike came together Sunday outside of the Barton Creek mall to take a bite out of the Austin Texas Food Truck festival. They’re parked just about anywhere, appearing on street corners vending everything from barbecued ribs to lobster rolls. 

The mall parking lot was transformed into a food truck rodeo for the ATX Food Truck festival attracting dozens of families and friends. "Chicken and waffle trucks, hot dogs, pizza I went to Angry Mojo's she is anger but the food was very good,” said Keeton Livingston. 

"It's awesome it's always good to try new food. Better than sticking with regular. My wife and all are always trying new stuff,” said Michael Pena. 

Food-truck culture has come a long way over the past several years, as more and more passionate chefs have brought their talents to the streets, including Jerry Leal who opened up his first truck Pineapple Ninjaz only weeks ago.  "It feels great, a lot of sacrifice went into play. Everything has been a climb and it’s rewarding now,” said Leal. 

He said though they've only been in business a short time the long line leading up to their truck confirms their doing something right.  "Exploring taste is what it's about we have something unique. It’s great that people are stepping out of their comfort zone and trying something new,” said Leal. 

Diverse options also made it easy to accommodate individual tastes while bringing people together from different backgrounds.  "Well I think Austin's is particular about having foodies and bringing culture from different places.  We have events like this food trucks there's just a lot of culture,” said Livingston.