Hurricane evacuees shelter in Lake Charles as Ida makes landfall

The town of Lake Charles dodged the worst of Hurricane Ida. 

And as the category 4 hurricane made landfall Sunday afternoon, several families from Southeast Louisiana sheltered in Lake Charles for safety.

"Material is material," said Olivia Himeo. "You can always replace it."

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Himeo and Justin Lovell spent Sunday at the beach in Lake Charles. They evacuated from Morgan City.

"It’s following the same track as some other storms," added Lovell. "We’re predicting to get some damage for sure."

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The category 4 hurricane made landfall with 150 mph winds. The powerful storm is expected to move north into Louisiana and Mississippi.

"I don’t want no part of that," said Mark James from Baton Rouge. "I’ve got my camper. I came over here to make sure I have a place to stay when I go back."

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Much of Lake Charles is still rebuilding from the 2020 hurricane season. Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Delta both caused significant damage to the community.

"Last year for Laura, we actually lost our house totally," said Mickey Taylor. "We didn’t want to take any chance this time."

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Until Saturday, Lake Charles remained in the forecast "cone of uncertainty" for Hurricane Ida. Taylor decided to leave and take shelter in Katy, TX just in case.

"When we left this morning, it hadn’t move as far east yet," said Taylor. "We’re hoping we might be okay now."