Hutto community remembers fallen officer

Hundreds of people in Hutto joined together Thursday to remember Police Sgt. Christopher Kelley.

Kelley was killed Wednesday morning when a suspect he was trying to arrest backed over him with a police car.

Saying goodbye to one of their officers has not been easy for Hutto City employees.

"It has been tough," said Hutto City Manager Karen Daly.

When the news spread that Hutto Police Sgt. Chris Kelley did not make it home to his family on Wednesday, the hearts of those who knew him broke.

"He was appreciated, he was loved, as all of our police officers are, and he's not going to be forgotten," said Todd Robison who lives in Hutto and met Kelley several times.

"It's just been a really rough ride for all of us and we just stay strong by staying together," said Daly.

Kelley was killed while he was doing what he loved, protecting his community.

"We have a great police department here in Hutto. Great guys, great families, obviously they sacrifice every day they wake up. They don't know if that's going to be their last day," said Robison.

Kelley worked for the Hutto Police Department for the last seven years. He leaves behind a wife and two children under the age of ten.

"We definitely do appreciate the sacrifice that they make by leaving their families behind every day for the safety of the community," said Veronica Brockington who works for the City of Round Rock.

Now the Hutto community wants Kelley's family, friends and coworkers to know they are not suffering alone. That's why people in Hutto put together a prayer vigil in Fritz Park Thursday night.

"It's just a very touching, sad moment for us and knowing that he was a parent of one of the students at my school is extra touching," said Cathy Struble who lives in Hutto.

Kelley's death marks the first time the City of Hutto has lost a police officer in the line of duty.

"Chris is phenomenal. He was a stellar employee and just a really great guy, wonderful patriot serving his country and we were just lucky to get to work with him as long as we did," Daly said.

Goodbyes are never easy, but in the small town of Hutto, even when hundreds of hearts are broken, the community is stronger than ever.

"He'll be remembered for a long, long time for giving his life for Hutto," said Robison.