Hutto ISD school board approves $522M Bond Election to address enrollment growth

The Hutto ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved calling a $522 million Bond election to address current and future enrollment growth.

Hutto ISD is the fourth-fastest growing school district in the Central Texas area. To keep up with the growth, Hutto ISD is working on three separate propositions.

Proposition A is $471,500,000 bundled together for instructional facilities.

The money will be used for new schools and facilities, expansion and renovation of existing facilities, new school sites and other land parcels, and for acquiring buses and upgrades to technology.

"We projected through our demographers our growth in the northeast was going to bring some capacity concerns, and we're going to address that with elementary school eight," says Henry Gideon, Assistant Superintendent of Operations 

Proposition B is $10.5 million focusing on instructional technology.

"That is strictly used to go in and do our equipment refresh and replace for the one-to-one devices," says Gideon.

Proposition C is for the district-wide academic center.

"The goal is to serve the stakeholders essentially who we currently serve which is our community our staff but also take care of our at-risk children," says Gideon.

In the next 10 years, the school district is expecting to double its population.

"The orange bar that you see is the current enrollment in the district that says 9,750 it's actually closer to 9,800 right now we're continuing to enroll kids," says Hutto ISD superintendent Dr. Celina Estrada.

A question voters have is, what will this cost?

On the Hutto ISD school bond ballot it will state, property tax increase. However, the district does not anticipate an increase to the tax rate.

If approved by voters, the bond proposals will result in a zero-tax rate increase.