I-35 rock-throwing protest demanding answers

AUSTIN, Texas— Enough is enough. That is the message being delivered just outside of Austin Police Headquarters by family and friends of those that have been affected by rock attacks on the lower deck of Interstate-35 over the last year and a half.

APD said there have been more than 41 cases since June 2014, resulting in five people being hurt, two critically injured. The most serious injuries were suffered by Kenneth Johnson.

Johnson was traveling on the lower deck of I-35 in June of 2014 when a rock was thrown through his windshield, striking him in the head.

"He suffered a brain aneurysm, a massive stroke. He is paralyzed now," said Alison Queen, longtime friend of Johnson and the protest organizer. "His right arm is paralyzed, he is walking with a cane. He is unable to speak."

Queen said that Johnson, who was once in a band, can no longer play the guitar, sing, nor is he capable of doing many of the basic functions a normal person can do due to his injuries.

"It has taken away his voice and it has taken away our friend," Queen said.

Johnson is one of a growing number of people who are being randomly attacked with rocks while driving along the lower deck of I-35, and people want answers.

"I want to see something done," Queen said, "and we want to see something done and this city needs to have something done to protect them."

Johnson's mother, Barbara Goodwin, is not only seeking justice for her son but also closure.

"Knowing why this has happened would be a great, just to know," Goodwin said. "We're wondering who it could be? Why are they doing that? We are just hoping."