'I love you all': Retiring pilot goes viral for tearful speech, before final flight takes off from Florida

A retiring pilot has gone viral on TikTok for a heartwarming speech he gave during his last flight. 

The retiring American Airlines pilot, Jeff Fell, teared up during his speech before take-off from Fort Myers, Florida

With a paper in hand at the front of the plane, Fell acknowledged several of the flight attendants by calling them his family before announcing that the flight would be his last after 32 years of flying for American Airlines. 

Passengers clapped as Fell tearfully gave his speech. He also gave homage to his wife who he described as the rock in their marriage. 

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"She has been the solid rock of the foundation of our lives and our marriage. Her faith in the lord – wisdom, strength, and love has guided our marriage and family throughout these years. I love you and look forward to this next chapter in our lives," said Fell as he nearly broke down in tears. 

As the plane prepared to takeoff, Fell also received a water cannon salute which is a tradition marking the retirement of senior pilots. 

The viral TikTok has amassed over three million views since being posted on Nov. 10.