ICE places hold on father accused of letting 12-year-old girl drive in crash that killed man

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has placed a hold on the father who police say let his 12-year-old daughter get behind the wheel, leading to a deadly crash in southwest Houston.

A hold was placed on Tomas Mejia Tol on August 16 for an immigration violation, court documents state.

According to ICE, "Detainers are placed on aliens arrested on criminal charges for whom ICE possesses probable cause to believe that they are removable from the United States." A detainer requests that a law enforcement agency notify ICE before a person is released from criminal custody and then briefly maintain custody to allow DHS to assume custody for removal purposes.

The crash occurred at an apartment complex on Beverly Hill Street around 4:30 p.m. Thursday.

Police say a father allowed his 12-year-old daughter to get behind the wheel and drive. Authorities say the father was apparently seated in the passenger side and there was also a 2-year-old in the back seat.

Investigators believe the 12-year-old girl may have stepped on the gas pedal too hard and caused the car to lunge forward from its parking space. At the same time, authorities say a man was walking by with his dog and was hit so hard by the car that both he and his dog died.

Charges have been filed against Tomas Mejia Tol. He is charged with criminal negligent homicide and endangering a child in the 230th State District Court.