Idea Allan students arrested for having gun on campus

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Austin police say two students accused of bringing a gun to Allan Charter School have been arrested. This happened on Tuesday. One student is a juvenile. The other is 17-years-old.

And even though the gun was unloaded,many parents are concerned.

Many parents received a letter from Idea Allan on Tuesday afternoon saying a student brought an unloaded gun to school, in violation of idea public schools code of conduct.

They say at no time were any students in direct danger and the school wasn't placed on a lockdown.
According to an arrest affidavit, the juvenile brought the gun here to the school from home. He gave the gun to his high school student mentor, 17  year old Anibal Escobar Mejia, during lunch.

After the principal asked where it was, Anibal pulled the .38 caliber semi-automatic pistol from his waist. He had the gun in his possession  for a little over an hour, until APD confiscated it.

The letter sent to parents also talks about recent horrific crimes in Texas and how the school district recognizes the severity of any threat. 

The most recent mass school shooting was in Santa Fe in Southeast Texas last Friday. "Things can happen so quickly and things can change and this is very serious. That's why arrests were made that's why we are going to investigate it to its fullest capability. We just want everyone to know that's not a place for firearms,” Destiny Winston with the Austin Police Department says. 

Bail for the 17-year-old is currently set at $20,000. 

The school is also asking students to no longer bring backpacks or large gym bags to school.