Images of DPD officer protecting man from gunfire going viral

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(Photo Courtesy: Robert Moore/ @robphotoworld)

Breathtaking pictures of a Dallas officer protecting a man from gunfire are quickly going viral.

Robert Moore said he was taking pictures of the police brutality demonstration and march as the massive crowd made its way around Downtown Dallas Thursday night.

When the initial shots rang out near Lamar and Main Street, Moore said he ran for shelter behind a car parked on the curb. Other officers arrived on the scene and made sure Moore and other civilians were out of the line of fire.

That was when Moore snapped several images of an officer who stayed in front of him and protected him.

“When it was time to try to leave, he said, ‘I’m gonna stand up. You stand behind me, and we’re gonna back out,’” recalled Moore. “He stood in front of me basically to shield me as we exited the area. How do you not thank somebody like that?”

Moore posted the pictures of the officer crouched with him and wrote, “I don't know his name but I won't forget him.”

“I’ve never been in a situation where one of the people was serving me so directly and watching out for me,” Moore said.

The pictures he posted have been shared by hundreds of people.

Since his original post, Moore said he found out the officer's name and wants to meet him to thank him in person.