Integral Care opens up community housing in East Austin for the homeless

Integral Care is heeding the call to help the homeless in Austin. 

Integral Care opened the Terrace at Oak Springs, a unique apartment complex in East Austin housing 50 homeless people and providing ongoing health care services.

The Oak Springs Clinic will be on site assisting residents with primary care, mental health services and substance abuse help.

Integral Care’s goal is to move people from the streets and into housing as quickly as possible.

The need for housing has been at the forefront of city leaders' minds since the council loosened restrictions on Austin’s camping ordinance. The issue has become more visable with tents and makeshift shelters popping up all around Austin. 

Integral Care Chief Strategy Officer, Ellen Richards believes the Terrace at Oak Springs will be a safeplace for individuals struggling with homelessness and mental illness. "...for an individual who has been living on the streets, homeless and struggling with mental illness and or a substance use disorder, this will be like heaven they'll have a place to go,” Richards said. 

Residents sign a one-year lease with an annual option to renew. Residents are selected by a coordinated assessment that helps determine the type of housing that best matches the needs of the person experiencing homelessness.

“They'll have their own key to get into their own door and it will be a safe place for them to get on a new path and a new life." Richard said.