Intersection where UT star Cedric Benson died is treacherous, neighbors say

Cedric Benson's death is heartbreaking news for the University of Texas and the Austin community. 

Benson along with his passenger Aamna Najam were out on a motorcycle ride late Saturday night when they collided with a minivan.

“The motorcycle we were told was going westbound,” said Austin police Sgt. Eric Wilson. “The minivan that was involved was on Mt. Bonnell Road going toward 2222, and pulled out onto the roadway.”

Benson and Najam were pronounced dead on scene. Police believe speed was one of the factors.

“A lot of times when people are going down that hill where Mt. Bonnell meets RM 2222 it's really poor visibility,” said Wilson. “So if you're not really careful or going slightly over the speed limit it is very difficult to stop.”

Mary-Anne Best lives right near where the crash happened, and was drifting in and out of sleep Saturday night.

“I heard a very loud thud. I didn't hear any screeching,” she said. 

It wasn't long before first responders arrived, and Best did what she felt was in her heart.

“There was so much melee out here in front of my house, and on the side, and on 2222, that I was going to come out and I thought I was not going to be serving any purpose. But I can stay in my house and pray for him and whoever was involved,” she said.

She's lived at the intersection of Mt. Bonnell and 2222 for 25 years. 

“When my son was growing up, I only gave him one rule when he was driving and learning to drive, and that was to never turn left on 2222 out of here,” she said.

Best blames speeding and the poor visibility with this hill for many accidents over the years.

“This is a treacherous intersection. Everyone tends to speed, because it's almost impossible not to,” Best said. “You actually have to put on the brakes in order to slow down.”

She feels Benson and Najam’s deaths will not be in vain, and that the city can do more to protect others.

“…Definitely a light here. I realize there is one a few feet away on Mesa, but it doesn't seem to help at all with the situation. I’m asking for comfort for their families,” said Best.

Police said the driver of the van is not facing any charges. Both Benson and Najam were wearing helmets.